Podhio, as the name suggests, is inspired by the world of performance, sport and its values.

The three steps of the podium are historically the stage on which every athlete dreams of expressing their emotions: the final act of commitment, sweat, sacrifice and the dream of victory.

Theater of awards that have marked the history of sport and often also of society, the three steps have always been a symbol and icon for all athletes. The three red steps of Podhio want to be a tribute to sport and everything it represents.

Podhio is not just a product but above all a lifestyle.



"100% natural instinct"

Podhio is an Italian brand based in Florence, that was born from the passion for skiing, a sport that embody important values ​​such as honesty, respect and attention to the details.

But skiing is also the appreciation of the After, the satisfaction of body and mind given by effort and sacrifice.

Podhio dresses skiing, even out of the slopes, when you leave the snow and go back to town.

Over the years the company has become a strong reference in the skiing sector, obtaining collaborations and sponsorships with the most important Italian and European ski federations.

PODHIO: Product

The iconic Authentic360 sweatshirt represents all of this, the desire to bring comfort to a technical world, a perfect product to wear when you take off your skis and all you need is something that transmits you safety, comfort and warmth without to renounce to a unique style.

Podhio was born from a sweatshirt, from an intuition, from a need.

" choose longer, buy better, wear podhio "

Products made to last over time that are characterized by quality, continuity and transversality of use. The quality of the materials, the extended life cycle of the product and the minimal aesthetics promote a philosophy of lasting sustainability of the garment.


Sport is wellness , it is a challenge with yourself, it is that unique satisfaction you feel when you finish your physical activity.

Podhio is the perfect answer to need to wear a garment that still gives you those feelings after your activity. Over the years Podhio, in addition to skiing, has accompanied athletes and fans of many sports, remaining faithful to his origins.

Podhio brings the desire for sport into your look, it is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

PODHIO: Lifestyle

Through authenticity, passion and a highly identifiable style, Podhio has also developed over the years in the sportswear market, becoming a transversal brand.

Perfect for those who love to wear their soul on every occasion sporty, Podhio has an iconic, classic image but at the same time always attentive to style.

PODHIO: Mission

Podhio's philosophy is to create a product that respects the athlete's needs by enhancing his free time.

Sport is competition, but it is also well-being, fun, vital energy.

PODHIO: Vision

Podhio's goal is to leave a mark and be recognizable at first glance.

Who wear Podhio identifies itself with the brand's philosophy and become part of it.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".

PODHIO: Values

Every year Podhio undertakes, through events and collaborations, to promote the values ​​of sport and in particular of skiing, especially for the little ones.

Skiing, the mountains, sport must be experienced at 360 degrees, skiing does not only mean competing but it also means immerse itself in unique places.

This is the invitation that Podhio addresses to every skier, to have fun respecting the beauty and delicacy of nature.

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